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Tuesday, June 10

D 10 juin 2014     H 14:30     A Annie Lesca     C 0 messages

M. had brought a leaflet about the Bastide city-house she’d visited.

It was built at the beginning of the 20th century to house mainly a courtroom and a police station. The project was carried out by Cyprien Alfred-Duprat, in the "Art Nouveau" and "Art Deco" styles.

Pictures by MP - ccbysa

A. had brought an old illustrated French alphabet book, published in the twenties, with which she had been taught "reading and writing" by her mother.

C. spoke about the nymphea garden of Latour-Marliac :

"Notice sur les Nymphaea et Nelumbium rustiques", in the British horticultural periodical "The Garden", published in 1887. His inspiration for attempting to hybridize waterlilies was Charles Antoine Lemaire’s article, "Nymphaea Devoniensis", which appeared in the Belgian publication Le Jardin Fleuriste in 1854.

Paper read in 1899

Most of the Nymphaeas called « outdoor, » although nearly all equally hardy, frequently differ among themselves in their early or late blooming, in their standing up above the water or floating on it, in their flowers being many or few, or in their general structure and growth being compact or wide-spreading. Some of them form strong clumps which constantly increase in strength, but do not spread about, whilst others are of a roaming nature, their stolons and interlacing rhizomes wandering over a large space, and quickly spreading across the roots of other varieties. In natural lakes and ponds it is impossible to prevent this confusion ; but this irregular growth should not be permitted in artificial basins and aquaria, where each plant in the collection should remain distinct and thrive independently ; besides, it would not only produce inextricable confusion amongst the plants, but the weaker ones would be smothered by the stronger. In order to obviate this difficulty, it is indispensable that the Water Lilies should be planted separately and at proper distances, or else in pots or in stonework basins, of which the sides and bottom have been carefully cemented. It is very important that the basins should be divided into several compartments by partitions, which should not be higher than three-fourths of the depth of the water, in such a way that they only prevent the roots and rhizomes from meeting, without preventing the leaves from intermingling on the surface...

For more information.

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