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Guessing games on Tuesday, June 3

D 3 juin 2014     H 13:08     A Annie Lesca     C 0 messages

Thanks to A., we had a very special lesson today, a counting-one with her Dean’s rag book.

This company was founded in 1903 by Henry Samuel Dean to launch his brightly coloured, printed rag books for children who "wear their food and eat their clothes."

Popular artists of the day, including F.M Barton, Stanley Berkeley and Charles K. Cook, were employed to work on the artwork for the books, which were produced in a number of different languages, including French, German, and Dutch.

It started producing Dean’s Bears in 1915 ; however their products are now manufactured overseas.

A riddle is a statement or question or phrase put forth as a puzzle to be solved, an enigma.

Enigmas are problems generally expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that require ingenuity and careful thinking for their solution.

Page 1 : first two riddles to be solved

Page 2 : following riddles

Page 3 : one more riddle about DOLLS

Page 4 : another riddle about TIN SOLDIERS

Page 5 : a riddle about FROGS and one (with a trap) about MAIDENS

Page 6 : an easy one about CATS

Page 7 : watering flowers in the garden
Page 8 : flying birds


"Quite indestructible" even when dogs try to tear it

Machine-sewn fabric : one can see the double thread of the ending, one way and backwards. Close-up by MP, thanks.


To illustrate the answer, turn this page over after reading each verse.

  • Moo ! Here’s a cow come to look at me. Moo ! Here’s another. How many do you see ?
  • Mrs Dorking’s laid ONE egg and so has Mother Dop. How many shall we have if Cluckie’s laid ONE too ?
  • TWO trees were very short, and TWO stood very tall. How many trees, dear, d’you think there were in all ?
  • FOUR mice were nibbling at a yellow piece of cheese. And ONE more came running up. How many, now Sir, please ?
  • FIVE … comes … down to tea. Another dolly’s at the door : How many will that be ?
  • SIX tin soldiers, oh so straight to see. Here comes another ONE : How many will there be ?
  • FOUR frogs went hopping down the road to pay a call : FOUR frogs came hopping up. How many frogs in all ?
  • FIVE maids went for a walk, in spite of drenching weather. They met FOUR little maiden friends. How many altogether ?
  • SEVEN tiny kitties playing in the hay : How many will there be if THREE more come that way ?
  • NINE flowers were growing on the garden-beds. How many will there be if TWO more pop up their heads ?
  • EIGHT birds went flying in a friendly row, And FOUR more came flying up. How many, do you know ?

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