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Starting a new year together

D 25 septembre 2013     H 09:57     A Annie Lesca     C 0 messages

Tuesday, September 24

It isn’t a coincidence that our English-time started this morning by talking about the pre-release of "The way, la route ensemble". As a matter of fact we’ll be travelling together, without moving indeed, for nine months, thanks to our MPT classroom in Rejouit.

Introducing ourselves to three newcomers was an opportunity to talk about a variety of different subjects such as :

- a mass in a small church in Harlem where he listened to gospels for two hours,

- a tour of Windsor Castle and its beautiful exhibition of British watercolours

- a two-month walk last spring to Santiago de Compostela and his nights in French refuges such as Ronceveaux.

- and the "Questions pour un champion" club with its evenings of brainstorming.

We listened to a young student from the States who will be teaching English as an assistant in a primary school until April 2014. Fortunately she spoke slowly in order to be understood !!! and was kind enough to proofread this summary.

M. spoke about her bike-rides along the Loire castles and the Canal du Midi.

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