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Lost keys by MP

D 4 novembre 2014     H 21:44     A Annie Lesca     C 0 messages

The other day, we felt so excited with the gorgeous mushrooms which grew out of the sand that we took pictures of all our discoveries.
Which eventually led us to both an unlucky mishap and a lucky blessing.

The misfortune I’m speaking about is the fact that I lost my car-keys ;

I tried to find them and searched all along, in vain.

Finally we had to walk back home, with our heavy baskets full of mushrooms... and to take a train to Bordeaux in order to pick up a second set of keys and then back to our place and then back to the woods — it was then night-time and I felt exhausted.

But I couldn’t fall sleep and I spent my night desperately zooming through each picture ;

until "eureka", on one of them, I finally discovered the keys which had fallen out of my left pocket onto the ground.

In the morning I rushed back to the woods and found my keys...

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