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Christmas time abroad

D 15 décembre 2014     H 23:25     A Annie Lesca     C 0 messages

Last year, an American student in Bordeaux recorded for Christmas time one of Chloe’s stories, which reminded him of (his) home...

Let’s listen to him and try to understand, at first without reading the text nor watching the images.

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audio file in .mp3

Now let’s read aloud, each in turn !

You can enjoy listening to him and watching Arnaud Pérat’s images here

Feedback :
Great, but slower and shorter please !

So, next year, every week,

  • we’ll listen to a very short story read by a native speaker on librivox
  • say what we understood and
  • listen to it a second time ;
  • then we’ll read the text typed and printed
  • and figure out why we had problems with such or such word.
  • Finally, we’ll listen to the tale once more time
  • and each of us will say aloud one sentence, in order to improve our pronunciation.

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