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A deck of cards for engineering instruments in 1702

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1702 : 18th Century Deck of Cards with a Mechanical Engineering Flavor Set of 52 engraved playing cards is the work of Thomas Tuttell (ca. 1674–1702), a British mathematical instrument maker who was appointed Instrument Maker to the King in 1700.

Probably issued by Tuttell as a trade catalogue, a clever and entertaining way of broadcasting the high quality of his workmanship and the breadth of his scientific knowledge.

Each card in the deck depicts a tradesman at work.

The complete set in The Winterthur Library

It’s said here that "a pack of mathematical playing cards, published by Thomas Tuttell, was engraved by him from designs by François Boitard", a French Baroque artist born in Toulouse around 1670.

Mathematical Instruments : Curiously fram’d, very exactly and minutely divided (by the Contrivance of our modern Artists) both for Observation & Operation to the great improvement of Arts & Sciences
Theodlet & SemiCircle : The Theodlet is a Whole Circle divided into 360 deg. The Semi-circle into 180 deg : both very excellent Instruments in Surveying, to take Heights & distances.
Gauger : The 4 foot Gaugeing Rod & Semicircle, ye long Slideing Calipers, & the various Sorts of Slideing Rules, in Canes and for the Pocket, are ingeniously apply’d.
Sea Quadrant : An Instrument containing ye 4th part of a Circle, or 90 deg ; well contrived for ye Mariners use, ye great Arch plac’t at a Convenient distance for ye Eye, ye lesser for ye Shadow.
Circumferentor : An Instrumt for take=ing a large Mannor, County, or Lordship, or where tis requisite to have ye Bearing. Well approved, & much used, by our Surveyors.
the Compass : This rarity is Said to be handed to ye World near 400 Years agoe to the mighty improvemt of trade & Navigation, also Surveying, Minening Dyaling &a
Dyals : That Set themselves, Are the double Horizontal, ye Universal Aequinoctial, & the Eliptical double Dyals which have found a general Acceptance among all Artists.
Surveying Wheel & Chains : the Wheel an Expeditious Instrumt to Measure Roads, Rivers &a either for Walking or apply’d to a Coach, Guntors, Rathborne, Wings & ye 50 foot Chains, are of great Use in Surveying.
Leavel : An Instrument used, in dreining Boggs & Mines, unwatering Fenns, makeing Rivers Navigable, Supplying Townes wth water &.
Projections of the Sphere : Are either Orthographicke (wch Supposeth ye Eye at an infinite distance) or Stereographicke wch placeth ye Eye on the Sphere, at right Angles to the plain of that great Circle on which the Sphere is projected
Astronomical Quadrant : The application of Telliscopes & the more Minute divideing of Such Instruments, has given a more clear light of those Wonderful luminaries ye Sun, Moon, & Starrs.
Spheres : the General Use of Spheres is to shew ye progress of the Wandring Starrs, or Planets, both as to their Dyurnal and Anual Motions.

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