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House numbering : odd and even

Source : Diagram showing a classical kind of House numbering, by Ivansanchez Source : A Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster and Borough of Southwark; with the Contiguous Buildings; From an actual Survey taken by John Rocque (...)

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Tuesday, April 29

A beautiful bunch of flowers had been put in a vase, in our "classroom" with a mysterious message "from... to...". We spoke about peonies (Paeonia lactiflora) and irides (Iris latifolia) as well as sticky sage (Salvia glutinosa) Giuseppe (...)

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Tuesday, April 8

The art of writing of acrostics with our first names Each of us tried to find his/her own qualities through English adjectives, which was hard but fun. messy /orderly, clean, ordered, organized, uncluttered acrobatic / stiff right-handed / (...)

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A propos de Calestampar.org
CalHebdo 15 letra d’informacion aus parents e amics de la calandreta bogesa 11/02/.2002 "un còp èra, un gatòt regent qu’essajava d’apréner a dìder MIAO a sons mainats, shens s’i escader. E sabetz perque? èra dens una escòla de murguetas!" per lo Eric Astie, au (...)
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