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Water-colour with Nicole

Here are some of our artworks ; congratulations to the artists and their tutor... and to Martine, the photographer, and to Micheline, the reporter-in-English.

Nicole gave us lots of explanations about watercolour.

She had brought several of her personal pictures.

She is very fond of Japanese and oriental paintings as well as cherry blossoms.

She explained us how to draw a bamboo directly, without drawing, with
different paint brushes.

She made a point about complementary colours such as red/green, or orange/blue and so on.

She insisted also upon the necessity to follow the rules of geometrical composition : triangles and diagonals.

Then after all these explanations she gave us

  • a sheet of drawing-paper (300gsm grammage),
  • a paintbrush,
  • a glass of water (in order to clean our paintbrushes),
  • colours and
  • an empty palette.

We tried to draw a vase and Martine made incredible photos of what we had realized.

  • A. drew carnations.
  • M. a huge pansy.
  • I. drew magnificent flowers without a name.
  • C. wasn’t satisfied with her too high vase.
  • Al. drew also magnificent nasturtium.

Finally everybody went through his/her task. C. wouldn’t paint, but he was so admiring ! As for Ch., she helped us a lot with the English dictionary.

Those were very good moments together. Thank’s a lot to every body. See you next time, after winter-holidays, in March.

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