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Tuesday, November 19

Speakers and listeners...

To-day, we were only eight around the table but we still had problems to stop talking to our neighbours in order to listen really to what was said by the speaker.
Seems to be a problem as well on thursday nights, during singing rehearsals : the chief of their choir suggested to arrive early in order to have private conversations before singing-time !!!
However free talking seems to be a sign of harmony in a group... which means that there is plenty of harmony in our English-speaking group.

Around the table

At first we watched mandalas ; maybe there will be a drawing-session in December.

MC. spoke about a play she saw in Gradignan in the four-season theater about Camille Claudel : she enjoyed the place and its acoustics, the music (double-bass), the originality, the puppets.
Here is a summary in French.
The Rodin Museum has organised an exhibition for the 70th birthday of her death : "Camille Claudel sort de ses réserves" until january the 5th.

A. brought us the program of the India-China week in Pessac. Thanks a lot.

One must respect speed-limits in cities until passing the sign with the name crossed out.

"They" have been speaking about soccer on TV for the whole week. If the French team looses this week-end, it is said it won’t be good for our state of mind !!!

A. told us that a couple of hungry hedgehogs has been eating the sunflower seeds she had put in a small plate for birds, outside her garden-door. C. thought it would be better to put seeds in a feeder hung in a tree.

Finally we spoke about squirrels and their acrobatics, their love of acorns and nuts... and their fleas.

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