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Calvin and Hobbes

Drawing by Greg Williams, 2007 : WikiWorld comic based on articles about John Calvin, Thomas Hobbes and the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Both heroes are replaced by the actual Calvin and Hobbes. Exhibition for the International Comics (...)

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The three magnets

Howard’s three magnets Ebenezer Howard’s "Three Magnets" diagram, 1898, Tomorrow : A Peaceful Path to Real Reform in 1898. The text reads : THE THREE MAGNETS THE PEOPLE Where will they go ? Town Closing out of nature. Social opportunity. (...)

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House numbering : odd and even

Source : Diagram showing a classical kind of House numbering, by Ivansanchez Source : A Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster and Borough of Southwark ; with the Contiguous Buildings ; From an actual Survey taken by John Rocque (...)

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Tuesday, April 29

A beautiful bunch of flowers had been put in a vase, in our "classroom" with a mysterious message "from... to...". We spoke about peonies (Paeonia lactiflora) and irides (Iris latifolia) as well as sticky sage (Salvia glutinosa) Giuseppe (...)

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Tuesday, April 8

The art of writing of acrostics with our first names Each of us tried to find his/her own qualities through English adjectives, which was hard but fun. messy /orderly, clean, ordered, organized, uncluttered acrobatic / stiff right-handed / (...)

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CalHebdo 15 letra d’informacion aus parents e amics de la calandreta bogesa 11/02/.2002 "un còp èra, un gatòt regent qu’essajava d’apréner a dìder MIAO a sons mainats, shens s’i escader. E sabetz perque ? èra dens una escòla de murguetas !" per lo Eric Astie, au darrèr CA de l’escòla ! la (...)
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